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The ancient saying: "the text as its people." Yes, there is always such a reading experience: read the Tang poetry, experience the Li Bai's wild, Du Fu's worries and care for the people; Soft in the band just ... ... articles and the author himself is always similar, as parents and children, blood thinking interlinked.
However, there are always exceptions.
Jin Ren Yuan Hao asked that "the article Ning Fu see people", works sometimes even deviated from the character, showing a hypocritical author, which for why?
In fact, these two theories are not contradictory. Temperament does affect the article, but the impact is the "heart of the text." This article is the author of the inner world to do, the word are concerned about the situation. When writing, the author will be the heart of the sense of thinking with limited text strongly demonstrated, wait for them to cry blood into a sentence. So written in the article, often with some history also wiped away the glory. As if the "security book", even to a Sima Qian's story will be familiar to the heart of people to read, heartache is inevitable.
In contrast to the "text." This article has some practical use. Noble but poor writers may write down the cost of subsistence work, villain Zeyi modification of literary and art. This article, how do not deviate from the author character?

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